I currently lead the marketplace engineering team at Transfix in New York City. We're focused on building the best freight marketplace for shippers and carriers in the US.

Previously I've built and lead engineering teams at LinkedIn.

I'm passionate about the intersection of management and software engineering and continue to focus my growth in both dimensions. Outside of work, I enjoy playing and designing tabletop games and making craft cocktails.


  • My Management Principles

    I recently conducted a valuable exercise to define my first principles as a leader. I then used these to build up a similar set of values for my team (a topic for a future post). This is what I came up with:

  • The Rulebook Pyramid Principle

    As a player, my experience of a game is influenced heavily by the structure of the rulebook. I’m currently working on designing my own game, so I have an increased interest in how to write clear instructions and help my players have the best experience. After extensive research playing many games, I’ve found that the most comprehensible and accessible rulebooks follow concepts detailed by Barbara Minto in her 1987 book: The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking.